Perfect Pairing – Kuleana and Keiki Kruisers

A part of Paradisus is The Kuleana Collection. This collection celebrates the natural beauty of island life, while reminding us of our responsibility to preserve and protect these gifts for tomorrow.  It is our commitment to honor “Na hulu manu o Hawai’i” (The precious things of Hawai’i)

So it was particularly special when I discovered Keiki Kruisers .  This is a line of children’s ti-shirts with delightful drawings of a Pua (flower), a Pe’a (starfish), an Opihi (mollusk) and others designs that are also part of the Kuleana Collection. What could be more appropriate than to celebrate our children while honoring them with the same commitment.  And what a perfect Mother and Child gift for Mother’s Day or a New Baby.

Keiki Kruisers is designed by Lyda Liu of Waimea, Hawaii and is a Mom inspired clothing company. This active wear line is appropriate for all parts of a kid’s fun life, beach, school, playtime, indoor time. Her line can be found on-line

Meet Kelli Martines and her daughter Leila as they play together, Leila in her Pe’a T-shirt and Kelli with her double Pe’a Paradisus Charms necklace.

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