Retiring the Lauhala Collection

Lauhala CuffWhen we began designing our Paradisus jewelry line, the traditional weave done with the native Hala Pandanus leaf was one of our first inspirations.  The weave created a soft geometric pattern which was perfect for the “repousse” hammered technique used by the artisans.  Just like the real Lauhala mats and hats where each pattern is a little different, so it is with each bracelet, bangle, and earring set.  No two are alike.

It is with  reservation that we have decided to retire the Lauhala Collection.  To view the entire collection, go to the website <>.  There are pieces still available at Nohea Gallery, Riches in Kahala and at Palm Palm on the island of Kauai. This group will not be re-ordered.

Remembering the Family

2010 was the year of the Kometani Family Reunion.  This summer it was held at the Hilton Waikaloa Hotel for three days with some 130 family and friends now reaching 6 generations.  Traveling from all areas of the United States, we gathered for some good local food, competitive games and just plain ol’ camaraderie and “catching up.”

The family crest or MON is the logo design used for correspondences, website and ti-shirt.   This year we wanted to offer a more permanent memento of the weekend…so a silver charm that could be added to a charm bracelet or worn as a pendant was created.  The design was cut into a round medallion…simple and precise.

Let us create a pendant or charm for your special group be it a family crest, a club emblem, or a team logo.  We can produce this in Sterling silver  for special remembrance.

Minimum orders may pertain.   Please call or email us for more information.

We’re Back!

It’s been a while since our last post but now we are back.  In 2011, we will be giving lots more information on truck shows, events with retailers, and special Sales at Events in California.

In the coming months, we will be posting our new additions to current collections as well as our new collections.  We will also be posting retired designs and available solely though Inside Paradisus – stay tuned!

Find out what’s going on with Paradisus as we work though these trying economic times while remianing committed to creating the best designs and product possible.

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