We’re back!

Hi Everyone.

There have been so many times during the months away that a bit of gossip or some great story would come up, and I’d wish I had this blog active to share on. So with some nervousness in my tummy, promises to myself that I will continue, I’ve decided that I should get back on the INSIDE PARADISUS blog again.

So first! We’ve had a little redo. With the help from the graphic team at Osaki Creative Group headed by Kurt Osaki , we’ve tweaked the graphics of our logo and name. Now that it’s all caps and no script or italic, it will be easier to read, pronounce and hopefully remember.


PARADISUS is LATIN for Paradise. And since our initial concept speaks to the beauty of our home Hawai’i, which many feel is a Paradise on earth, we feel the name is appropriate for our company.

Our logo is the fiddle head of a fern. This is a symbol of new beginnings, birth, rebirth and continued growth and rejuvenation. This is so appropriate for us as Akemi and I move forward with this company. Change and evolution is part of the life of any company. With this in mind, we continue to search for new inspiration, open ourselves to new directions, and reach for goals and challenges that we never would have seen in front of us before.

I hope you will join us in our journey of creating interesting and inspired jewelry pieces.

Aside from Jewelry, I am happy to introduce another new addition and direction to this family business. Meet Aksel Kaikea Takashi Jensen, Akemi’s new baby boy. Born on his Mothers birthday in May 2014, he is a joy for all of us.

Aksel in crip


Happy New Year! As we welcome 2015, we wish you all a joyful and healthy New Year!