Merrie Monarch Arts and Crafts Fair 2015

Come visit us at the Merrie Monarch Hawaiian Invitational Arts & Crafts Fair Wednesday through Saturday 8:30AM to 5PM at the Afook-Chinen Civic Auditorium.

We will be introducing new designs and bringing back some of our more popular items.

Kapa Bead Bracelets – Sonny Ching Collection


Paradisus at Merrie Monarch!

It’s that time again! Paradisus will be at the Merrie Monarch Festival, this year in a “pop-up” storefront called Kūikawā Boutique. This year we will be on Kamehameha Avenue in Hilo town! There will be lots of fun and exciting things so be sure to come by.

There will be new items in the Sonny Ching Collection, designed with our Kumu Hula collaborator Sonny Ching. Moving into rings and jade, some of the new items are limited editions so be the first to see the latest.

Joining Paradisus and the Sonny Ching Collection, will be Kealopiko, Indigenous Soap Company, Saffron Perfume Company, Sleep Under the Stars, Meleana and Kuliana. All vendors from Hawaii.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Hawaiian language immersion education program.

Our First Post


Welcome to “Inside Paradisus” This is the first entry to a new site, a “blog” we’ve created to keep you current with Paradisus.  This is our way of giving you an inside glimpse into what keeps us busy, what inspires us, and why we love creating Paradisus.

The First Half of 2009

Valentine’s Day at Bloomies


The year opened with a two day Trunk Show in Bloomingdales, San Francisco, on Valentine’s Day weekend.  Many San Franciscans as well as long time loyal Hawaii customers came to see our debuting of the Spring additions to the line.  We’re proud to say that many boyfriends and husbands “did well” as they went home with Paradisus for their Valentine.

The Merrie Monarch Festival


Held in the coastal town of Hilo, Hawaii this world renowned festival gave Paradisus the opportunity to introduce the latest items in the Sonny Ching Collection. To further mark the four-day event, Hālau Nā Mamo O Puʻuanahulu, under the direction of Kumu Hula William “Sonny” Ching proudly took home a multitude of awards.  Once again, the masterful dancing of all the contestants reverberates and celebrates the culture of the hula.  Congratulations to all those that participated!

Show Us the Bling!

colored diamonds

Spring gave us a chance to focus on the new Fall Winter designs.  A couple of overwhelming yet inspiring days were spent at the Tucson Gem Show.  This year we knew we couldn’t leave the heat without some cool sapphires and diamonds.  Be on the lookout for new creations with some sparkle.  It was an exciting few days as a good friend served as our personal Gem Show guide, thanks Carol!

New Additions, Spring and Summer 2009

Kapa Beads


The Kapa Bead is a new addition to the Kapa line within the Sonny Ching Collection.  We’ve paired leather with silver for a unisex and everyday look that is classy and stylish.   These silver barrel beads are detailed in timeless Kapa patterns that carry symbolism and meaning.   Any of the three distinctive designs (Ka Pilina, Hoʻokō and Niho Mano) can serve as gifts for any special occasions, achievements, or just as a charming thought.


Kamapuaa Collection

Kamapuaʻa has been added as another uniquely symbolic piece to the family of gods and demigod in the Ke Kini Akua line within the Sonny Ching Collection.  The famous “Pig God” is known for guardianship of his people and is immortalized by his cape and tusk in charms and pendants.  This talented and animated character has special powers of protection and strength.  In honor of Kamapuaʻa these pieces represent the spirit that gives one talent and strength.



The Ulu (breadfruit) is the Hawaiian symbol of Life and embodiment of Hawaiian Gods.   This beautiful plant is portrayed in silver as a pendant, cuff and earrings.  Aesthetically, the Ulu Pendant will hang from a black cord, and embrace any neckline.  The Ulu Lace Cuff has delicate filigree, and solid silver leaves with the Ulu fruit nestled amongst them. The Ulu Earrings compliment and complete the set

Kuleana Charm Collection


Comprised of the Mauka and Makai line of charms these pieces simply remind us to preserve and protect our culture and the beautiful things that surround us.