Repousee, S’il Vous Plait

Bad French!!! Maybe, however Repoussee is not your fancy wine but is a term used in the field of jewelry and metal sculptures.

RepouseeRepousee is the technique used to craft most of Paradisus’ designs and is what gives it’s unique feel and voluptuous look. Repousee is an old French technique where metal is hammered from the back giving an organic natural form.  One of the most famous sculptures done in this method is the French made American “Statue of Liberty.”  Once the form or body is set, the details are scribed, textured and embellished to give it the finish to complete the story.

For many of the Paradisus’ Collections such as the Monstera and Lauhala, the pieces are then finished with a backing to stabilize the final form.  Each piece is individually ‘handmade” by Artisans in Indonesia who have managed to keep this technique alive.

Your piece is special and one of a kind….we hope you love and appreciate the craftsmanship.