Just saying…

Just saying…

When I read the editorial Editors Note: We Work With Words, But Some Challenge Us in the January 2015 issue of Hawaii Business I felt relieved. It spoke of the use of diacritical marks—the okina and kahako— in Hawaiian words.

I am always a bit nervous using those marks less I get them wrong and possibly misrepresent the meaning of a message. Since I don’t speak Hawaiian, I am only a little familiar with their use and thus have to often copy what is given to me, it’s difficult! However, in respect for the content of the message, I will do my best. That being said, please send corrections, edits or suggestions so I and others can learn and become more familiar with Hawaiian word and language.

This blog is hardly a publication but it will often speak of and with Hawaiian words. Please know that I do so with upmost respect and I am trying to get it correct to the best of my ability.

Merry Monarch 2015

We are looking forward to another Merrie Monarch Festival, this year being held from April 5 to 11, 2015. Being back at the Festival is the highlight of our year. Seeing friends, both participants and fellow vendors, is like a huge family reunion.

We are there to sell our crafts and jewelry, but also to support all the wonderful dancers who have worked so hard in preparation for this competition. The hours spent synchronizing their dance, learning to chant their mele, and delivering and expressing their stories is mind blowing. The participants and families sacrifice so much to bring the best they can to this Event.

Paradisus will be holding “fort” in the Hilo Afook-Chinen Civic Auditorium. Aside for the ono food sold at the snack bar inside the Civic Auditorium, and the goodies sold by local vendors outside the crafters buildings, the Poke Truck is continually on my mind, especially as the days get closer.

Paradisus will be showing new designs including the first three pieces of our Sonny Ching Laka Series.  (In order from left to right, Maile, Ie’ie, Halapepe)


We will also be introducing other Paradisus designs with gold plating due to repeated requests. They are not currently on the website so come by the booth at Merrie Monarch to see the new selections.

More info coming up!

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