Jalyn Tani Lang, Personal Style Consultant

Meet one of our retailers.  Jay doesn’t have a store front but manages to show and recommend our pieces to her clients.  This is her story..

I love Paradisus jewelry, which gives me a deep emotional connection to Hawaii, where I grew up. I respond to the strong designs and appreciate the handcrafted quality. I love that the jewelry can be worn with casual wear and formal wear. My sister wore the Paradisus pikake necklace and matching earrings with a formal gown to Barack Obama’s inauguration ball. I can dress up a casual summer sundress by putting on my Paradisus coral necklace with monsterra pendant. My kalo pin adds interest and focus to a simple sweater. People stop me and want to rip my monsterra cuff bracelet off my wrist, they love it so much.

I am a personal style consultant in the Bay Area where I help both men and women attain a versatile, coordinated wardrobe that is current without being trendy, stylish without being flashy. If you have no time, no interest, or no clue, let me help you figure out what to wear and how to make it work.

I start with a closet audit to edit and purge clothes and create combinations with a fresh eye from what survives. Once we know the missing pieces, the next step is a personalized shopping trip to build a dream wardrobe where things fit, styles flatter, and you look thinner. You save time and money, stay within your budget, and forgo those expensive fashion mistakes that looked great in the store but just sulked in your closet.

I also offer two other stress reducing services. I help reduce the anxiety of packing for travel, making sure your carryon is filled with the appropriate, the accessories, and the necessaries.  And Special events need not be fashion crises because I help with finding the perfect outfit, along with coordinating shoes, jewelry, and handbag.

Check out my website for more details about my services, as well as seasonal tips, newsletter articles, and my blog, Fashion Currents: http://jaytani.com/index.html.

Jalyn’s Ten Easy Steps to Looking Your Best
  1. Don’t become a fashion victim. Update your wardrobe to be current without being trendy.
  2. A sale item begs two questions: would I pay full price and what will I wear with it?
  3. Always have impeccable shoes and handbags. They can make or break an outfit.
  4. Think about cost per wearing. Clothes you wear often deserve to be investment pieces. Spend less on evening wear.
  5. Mantra: I will strive for quality over quantity.
  6. A good foundation for any outfit starts with bras that fit and flatter and underpants that don’t show.
  7. Seek the perfect fit. Looser clothes that skim and contour your body are more slimming than tight clothes.
  8. Choose dark neutrals as the backbone of your core wardrobe.
  9. Dress for your body type and your age. Just because it looks fabulous on the runway doesn’t mean you should own it.
  10. Be confident because you’ve paid attention to these easy steps, and you look your best!


  1. The image makeover consultant can give you a surprise when you feel just how much money you have saved buying the right clothes and how much better you are feeling wearing beautiful clothing that impressed others.

  2. I will be 80 in the fall and always liked to be dneffreit than my girl friend Then I got older and thought I needed to be a little more conservative. Your blog has encourage me to go back to the things I loved to wear when I was 20. No platform shoes though

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