Retiring the Lauhala Collection

Lauhala CuffWhen we began designing our Paradisus jewelry line, the traditional weave done with the native Hala Pandanus leaf was one of our first inspirations.  The weave created a soft geometric pattern which was perfect for the “repousse” hammered technique used by the artisans.  Just like the real Lauhala mats and hats where each pattern is a little different, so it is with each bracelet, bangle, and earring set.  No two are alike.

It is with  reservation that we have decided to retire the Lauhala Collection.  To view the entire collection, go to the website <>.  There are pieces still available at Nohea Gallery, Riches in Kahala and at Palm Palm on the island of Kauai. This group will not be re-ordered.

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